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French Fitness Newport Dual Cable Cross (New)

French Fitness Newport Dual Cable Cross (New)

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The French Fitness Newport Dual Cable Cross comes with two 200-pound weight stacks, so you can choose whether you want equal resistance on both sides or favor one side, giving you the flexibility to perform a variety of workouts and isolate different muscles. Features independent arm rotation with 8 vertical and 5 horizontal settings, in virtually any movement pattern. Each frame goes through electrostatic spraying, three coatings, and two baking processes for maximum protection. To enhance its sophisticated and polished appearance, the machine is coated in a black paint finish. The guide rod is constructed of 20 x 2.0mm stainless steel tube, which lessens the amount of shaking and improves the smoothness of the movement of the weight stack. Internal lubrication and nylon encapsulation with steel wire rope of Φ5.8mm (7*19 strands of steel wire construction). The handle, shaft joint, and weight stack pin are all constructed of an oxidized aluminum alloy. The straightforward training illustration demonstrates the ideal form for exercising and the related muscle groups. The red icon directs the user to train in a neutral posture. The open design provides easy access for wheelchairs and users of all fitness levels. Add a bench to create a completely personalized workout.

NOTE: This is the same machine as the French Fitness Venice Dual Cable Cross except black in color, no other differences. If you want this machine, but in silver, please click the above link.

French Fitness Newport and Venice Dual Cable Cross Assembly Manual
French Fitness Newport Dual Cable Cross Photos


  • Paint Color: Black
  • 11 Gauge Steel
  • Main Tube: 50mm x 150mm x 2.5mm rectangle tube
  • Non-slip handles
  • Two legs provide greater stability
  • Dual weight stacks
  • Shrouded weight stacks
  • Independent rotating arms with unilateral movement
  • User-defined movement
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • California Residents see Prop 65 WARNINGS

Personalize Your Workout
Unilateral arms move independently to produce single or dual-arm exercises that improve balance and symmetry while strengthening the muscles.
Swivel Pulleys
The design of the pulley ensures smooth cable movement and provides unlimited range of motion.
Cable Travel
The flexible and long cable allows for full exercise extension.
Weight Stacks
Enclosed weight stacks restrict access to moving parts for safety. Two members can work out together using dual independent stacks.
User-Defined Movement
With 12 vertical settings and independent arm rotation, almost any movement pattern is possible.
Unrestricted Movement
Handles move independently to create unlimited exercise options.

Tech Specs

  • Cable Diameter: 4.8mm
  • Arm Length: 31.4" (800mm)
  • Cable Reach: 68.5" (1740mm)
  • Number of Vertical Adjustments
    Adjustable Holes: 8
    Adjustable Stroke: 26.5" (675mm)
  • Number of Horizontal Adjustments
    Adjustable Holes: 5
    Adjustable Angle: 0-90 Degrees
  • Weight to pulley ratio: 2:1
  • Weight Stack: 200lbs (90kg) x 2
  • Weight Increments (Weight of Each Plate): 10lbs (4.5kg)
  • Weight: 728lbs (330kg)
  • Width: 67.4" at feet (With arms folded), 121.6" (with arms fully extended)
  • Height: 71.4" (Base & Height w/arms Folded), 98.4" (with arms fully extended)
  • Depth: 50.1" (w/arms fully extended)
  • Shipping Weight: 794lbs (360kg)
  • Shipping Dimensions: 62.2"L x 45.2"W x 8.6"H (L:1580mm, W:1150mm, H:220mm)


  10 Years Parts, 1 Year Labor (Commercial)